CRM & Marketing Automation

Online marketing exponentially multiplies the tasks to be performed by both marketing and sales departments. The benefit of the Inbound methodology is that it prioritizes certain tasks while automating others in order to focus efforts.

Marketing automation is a set of technologies and software platforms designed to amplify efforts across multiple channels and automate repetitive tasks to improve marketing efficiency.

In addition, we have CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which revolves around the idea of managing people and relationships, and allows you to track customer interactions.

inbound colors purchase cycle

Automation software becomes essential for repetitive tasks such as posting ads on social media or conducting traditional advertising campaigns. Automation helps to effectively qualify leads, multiply conversion rates, and encourage repetition and recommendation.

At Inbound Colours we address automation as a combination of software and strategy that nurtures prospects with timely content. That is why we always focus on the customer, start interacting with them long before their first transaction and build a contextual and efficient experience based on their individual  needs throughout all phases of the buying cycle.

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