Inbound B2B

94% of B2B business customers do a thorough internet search before making their purchase decision. This shows a considerable change in buying habits, in sales processes and in how business is done. Industrial companies, in particular, find it even more difficult because they often try and reach multiple targets and multiple purchasing decision makers (engineers, plant managers, purchasing managers, R&D managers, quality managers …) with different needs and concerns.

To navigate this new environment, at Inbound Colours we design structured marketing strategies that respond to the information demands of your different targets at each stage of their buying cycle. We create websites aimed at your audience, that are able to generate qualified leads and automate their marketing to reach each purchasing decision maker in the most personalized way possible. Most importantly, we develope a solid content strategy that places your website at the top of keyword searches and gives it authority and relevance to potential buyers.

inbound b2b

In just a few short years the way we buy has changed radically. The cloud systems that revolutionized marketing departments earlier this century now seem obsolete. Current CRMs are not effective if they do not integrate marketing and sales information in one place and if they do not automate the process that allows sales departments to focus on what really creates value.

Inbound B2B is a sales methodology that prioritizes the needs, challenges and goals of individual buyers. Instead of focusing on closing the sale as soon as possible, Inbound salespeople work to meet consumers where they are and guide (not push) them through the decision-making process.

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