We create and produce non-intrusive content, accompany you throughout the Inbound Marketing process and ensure effective and measurable results for your online communications.

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We create content for your brand

Your brand is what it conveys. That is why its story is a key part of your DNA. We help you add value through your stories, conversations and experiences by creating an ongoing dialogue with your current and potential customers that excites, entertains, informs or trains.

We manage your customer's buying cycle

From attracting direct and indirect sales leads to generating a loyal customer base that will lead to new sales, we gather the accurate information you need, to know your exact return on investment and generate data driven insights.

We generate qualified leads that increase your sales

Our objective is to build a database of satisfied customers who will gradually increase your sales, making your company a reference point, which will, in turn, increase the portfolio of potential leads.


Discover INBOUND PR’s methodology, service and key metrics.

“Discover how to implement digital marketing in your B2B company and how to increase your leads and your sales”


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Jordi de Miquel Inbound Colours

Qué es y cómo crear una buena Newsletter

En este post te explicaré que es una Newsletter y cómo producir una para promocionar tu empresa.